1. Get more nitric oxide. One of the best ways you can improve your health is by improving your circulation. Blood flow is key to the human body and is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen. Improve circulation drastically by getting a lot more nitric oxide through food.
  2. Chew gum. Chewing gum is known to reduce cortisol (study, study). Stick with a sugar-free, natural gum. I always walk around with gum and the effects are immediate.
  3. There’s lots of foods that have cortisol reducing effects and are unique in their own way. Examples are garlic and turmeric.
  4. Balance your blood sugar levels. Poor blood sugar regulation leads to more mood swings, anxiety, and stress. A couple things you can do is: add healthy fats to extend digestion time for slower energy release, removing sugar from one's diet for less insulin spikes and energy crashes, consider avoiding alcohol etc., and eat less. Yuri Elkaim in The All-Day Energy Diet remarks that since digestion takes up so much energy, eating less can actually give you more energy.
  5. Exude positive body language. It’s well known that body language affects hormones (study). Confident body language is open and takes up more space. Confident body language avoids fidgeting and putting your hands in your pockets.

…and 4 from a previous post I made Diet and Health Tips for More Energy

  1. Buteyko breathing. In Patrick McKeown’s popular The Oxygen Advantage he explains how many of us are in a state of chronic hyperventilation caused by over breathing. He explains that we need carbon dioxide to release oxygen from blood (The Bohr Effect). Thus, over-breathing and getting rid of too much carbon dioxide causes impaired oxygen delivery to organs and tissues. The long and short of it is that breathing through the nose only has benefits which includes increased oxygenation to organs and tissues, more energy, better sleep, more beneficial nitric oxide for cardiovascular health, and much more.
  2. Proprioceptive Input – Simply wearing something like a watch or a hat can create a pressure point on your body that will allow your nervous system to read itself better. Decreased my general stress and anxiety significantly.
  3. Vagus nerve stimulation – The Vagus nerve is the largest cranial nerve in the body and is connected to most major organs. There are many ways to stimulate the Vagus nerve and induce a calming effect, one easy way being holding water in your mouth. Simply try holding water in your mouth.
  4. Elliott Hulse’s breathing exercises that release tension and alleviate anxiety are interesting and may be beneficial for some people. He has a few exercises such as the bow, the ground touch, and various others. Link to full video (here).


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