Ben Shapiro is a national bestselling author and political commentator, popularly known for his college campus tours on social justice issues.


Ben Shapiro points out the hypocrisies of the socialist, morally relativistic, politically correct, social justice left (I myself am a classical liberal – a belief in individual liberty, free speech, free market capitalism, and limited government).

Interesting Ideas

The book investigates various areas in politics including areas such as institutional bullies, anti-patriotic bullies, class bullies, and secular bullies. Ben Shapiro mainly investigates the Obama Administration.

The main thing I got from this book was how to discern political bullying and the importance of defending freedom, free speech, and liberty. Hypocritical political bullying mainly works by bullying people while virtue signaling and claiming victimhood.


The book is chock full of facts and evidence. Roughly 80% of the book was information.

Ben Shapiro also acknowledged that political bullying can come from both sides.

Some Criticisms

No major criticisms.

Check out his book, here: (Amazon link)


Shapiro, Ben. Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans. New York: Threshold Editions, 2013.